British in Europe FOM Video Campaign

By filling out this form, you agree that your name and email address will be stored on a secure mailing list accessible only to British in Europe and their FOM Video Campaign team. This will mean that we will be able to contact you again should your video submission require this. 

I hereby give British in Europe and their FOM Video Campaign team a non-exclusive right to use my video submission. I understand that the video will be approved, and may be edited, cut, and/or have graphics inserted by British in Europe and their FOM Video Campaign Team and will be subsequently posted on their social media platforms including, but not limited to: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and the websites of British in Europe and its coalition members. I may withdraw this right and also recognise that British in Europe and its team will not agree to use my video if I choose to decline these terms. 

Non-exclusive rights gives you the right to embed either your own unedited video or edited British in Europe version, however a URL must be used for any other video in this campaign. If we find that videos other than your own are being embedded without the permission of British in Europe Video Campaign Team copyright infringement will be brought to light and we will ask for immediate removal of this/these video(s). Faces other than your own may not be featured in video submissions unless you have the permission of the involved parties or faces are pixelated. . Despite British in Europe's Video Campaign Team's rigorous social media policy, y
ou accept upon the submission of your video that negative and/or malicious reactions on social media platforms may occur.  

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